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    .:25M Multipurpose Open Yacht:.
Boats Made in China offers the best quality 25M Multipurpose Open Yacht
quality 25m mulitipurpose open yacht     mulitpurpose open yacht

This boat is 24.66m long and 5m wide. It can be used as sightseeing boat, ferry, and transportation boat for goods when installed with diesel engines from 150HP to 2000Hp, at a speed of 10kn to 28kn, to meet different demands.
So it is a very economical and practical boat, which is worth three boats of different use.
Persons: 150.  Toilet Room.
1) If put an engine 1xYanmar 150hp inboard diesel:        US$400576/boat.
2) If put 2xCummins 2x355HP inboard diesel:        US$474739/boat.
3) 1xCummins 600HP inboard made in China:       US$377188/boat.

Includes Global Shipping

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