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    .:House Boat 1450:.
Boats Made in China offers the best quality House Boat 1450
quality House Boat 1450     House Boat 1450

Length:              14.43M
Width:               4.5M
Depth:               1M
Power:               2x60HP
Load Category: 15
Speed:                           16km/h
Weight:             7500kg
Deck material: aluminum frame
Bottom material: Fiberglass. (Very deep design)
Wall and roof material: Fiberglass
Color: white, blue, green, red etc as you prefer.
(1) House boat 1450 commercial finish: US$180,000/boat.
(2) House boat 1450 port with standard finish: US$195000/boat.
(3) House boat with luxury finish: US$205900/boat.

1. Solar System with twin 3000w no brush electrical Motor and 54pcs power batteries: US$55000.
2. Generator 9.5kw: US$3800/pc.
3. Air condition for home 1x1.5P+1x2P: US$1200.
4. Yamaha 4 stroke 60HPx2 with connector and steering: US$19000.
5. Landing electrical charge system 220V: US$3000.



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