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Like it or not everything is made in China. A little more than ten years ago, the Chinese began building fiberglass boats. In the first couple of years there were a few issues with quality. Since then quality has improved so that the quality of boats made at some Chinese factories is be equal or better than any other builder worldwide.

How do we know? Simple we began building some of our work boat hulls in China back in 2006 when it was easier to supply boats delivered to international clients. Our engineers traveled to China factories to supervise quality control from the start, making sure the quality our customers expect is the quality they recieve. Over the years Allmand Boats has developed great relationships and trade agreements with the best Chinese factories who know us well.

We supervise the building of many boats at Trusted facilities in China then bring them to the US for finishing. The result is a top quality new custom made boat at a price that is surprisingly affordable. In fact, you may not know this, but already there are name brand inflatable boats and name brand US boat companies that make their fiberglass boats and components in China already.

We receive many types of inquiry at the web site for every model we offer. The first question is where are the boats made? The answer is we make boats in the USA and we supervise hulls we have made in China then import them to our facility to install engines or drop ship directly to the customer.


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